This real-time telemetry system allows real-time visualization and storage of the measurements during the rocket flight. You will be able to track a rocket with our onboard GPS, or determine maximum altitude before the rocket has even landed.

Two versions are available:

433 MHz: 1-channel telemetry system
900 MHz: 8-channel telemetry system

Image: 1-channel 433 MHz transmitter (left) and 8-channel 900 MHz transmitter (right). Notice the smaller antenna for the 900 MHz system - Click on image to enlarge.

Features of the transmitter:

Transmits all measurements to the ground
altitude (from pressure measurements)
six analog input channels
digital inputs
GPS position (with optional GPS board)
10 Hz data rate, GPS data rate 2 Hz
50mW RF output power
8 channels (900 MHz version only). Channels can be configured from the R-DAS user interface.
2400 baud output on board of transmitter board, in case you prefer to use your own transmitter (transmitter can be switched of in this case)
Removable antenna
16-bit CRC error checking to detect transmission errors
Compact 'standard AED' board: 48x48 mm (1.89 x 1.89 inch)

Features of the receiver:

Compact receiver, runs on 9V battery
Receiver has audio output (3.5mm headphone connector). Plugs into your laptop or PC sound card to listen along.
Removable antenna
Before take-off and during launch, continuous real-time updates in the R-DAS user interface. Files can be saved as standard .rd R-DAS files, and can be read and processed by the user interface like any other R-DAS files.
Connects to PC via standard 9-pole female DB connector.

Because all data is transmitted to the ground, R-DAS internal memory can be saved for high sample frequency measurements. Slowly varying signals can be stored directyl onto the hard disk. Measurements are displayed real-time in by the user interface.

R-DAS receivers: 900 MHz (left), 433 MHz (right) - click on image to enlarge.

xmit_lo.jpg (10474 bytes)

433 MHz R-DAS transmitter board - click on image to enlarge.

The range of our telemetry systems will vary upon antenna configuration, the environment etc. Expect about 2-3 miles for a clear view with the standard rubber antennas. Replacing the receiver antenna with a small Yagi antenna increases the range drastically. Rockets have been tracked up to 15 miles (direct sight) with these antennas. 

A good link about the application of R-DAS telemetry system can be found here:

Tip: The R-DAS user interface has a telemetry simulation mode. Try this and see for yourself how valuable telemetry can be!


433 MHz transmitter: Euro 120.00

433 MHz receiver: Euro 125.00

900 MHz transmitter: Euro 130.00

900 MHz receiver: Euro 135.00

These prices are excluding V.A.T. (no V.A.T. for sales outside European Union). All units come with antenna. The transmitter boards come with an expansion cable. Use the buttons below to order online, or see our order page for more information.

433 MHz tranmsitter 433 MHz receiver 900 MHz transmitter 900 MHz receiver
Euro 120.00 Euro 125.00 Euro 130.00 Euro 135.00