User Interface

We are very proud of our user interface. It is probably the easiest to use of all altimeter software. The  user interface runs under Windows and takes care of the communications with the R-DAS. The following tasks are carried out by the program:

download and store flight data
configure the R-DAS
upgrade R-DAS with new software ('firmware')
view the recorded data
real-time receive and display telemetry data
download and display 3D GPS data
export the measurements to text files or image files

Below are some screenshots. 

R-DAS user interface with flight data.

R-DAS configuration menu.

The following screenshot shows the 3D GPS mode with map overlay.

Supported and tested operating systems: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. Also runs successfully on Linux using the win4lin package, and Mac using Virtual PC package.

Check the download page to obtain the latest version of the user interface.

We have ported the user interface software to the Windows CE and PocketPC platforms. The R-DAS user interface functionality is now available on handheld and palm-size PC's, like the Philips Nino/Velo, Casio Casseopea, and HP 620LX. The two images below shot actual screendumps of a Philips Nino. Left the graphical image of the measured data, right the R-DAS configuration menu. Note the different tabs for R-DAS, Igniter and Downlink configuration.

Rdas-ce1.gif (5185 bytes)          Rdas-ce2.gif (5534 bytes)