The On-Screen-Display (OSD) board overlays onboard video with flight data such as acceleration, altitude and GPS position (if GPS is present). The board is very simple to use. Just run your composite video signal through the board.


On screen information: elapsed time, altitude, acceleration, GPS position, call sign, etc.
Screen content fully programmable and configurable.
Future options: possibility to display a logo, stand-alone operation with R-DAS GPS etc.
Board dimensions are 36 x 60 mm (1.4" x 2.4"). Fits 38 mm rockets!
Mounts like the R-DAS compact through a mounting hole at each end of the board.
Video input and output is via standard cinch buses.
Interfaces to the R-DAS via the 14-pin expansion port, just like e.g. the GPS and transmitter expansion boards. 
The board inserts black and white text overlay onto the video signal.
Three "white" intensities can be produced:: black - grey - white. 
An alpha blend for the black level can be applied. The blend signal can be used as a background color for the text, providing sufficient contrast to ensure white text is readable even on a white input signal, without completely obscuring the video input behind the text. 
Software upgradeable.
Accepted input Vpp is between 0.5 and 2 V, output Vpp is equal to input Vpp. 
OSD board can be hardware configured (solder jumper) to add a DC offset of 0.33 V to the output signal. 

From left to right: R-DAS compact, OSD board, GPS module (V1.2) and GPS antenna.

See the following onboard video footage for the OSD board in action: http://www.vahpr.com/videos/15ns_111504_composite_mpg1.mpg

The price of the OSD board is EUR 90, excluding 19% V.A.T. (no V.A.T. for sales outside European Union).  This board comes with an expansion port cable. Use the buttons below to order online, or see see our order page for more information.