The third launching campaign of NERO was the first real field-test of R-DAS. Several rockets were flown, most of them with additional electronics, using the R-DAS for data logging. This page gives an impression.

kijksc.jpg (18375 bytes)

Electronic capsule of Kijk Spacecamp rocket. From left to right: R-DAS, video camera, transducer electronics, and video transmitter (in aluminum case).

goldsky.jpg (27634 bytes)

Belgian "Golden Sky" rocket. Left R-DAS, right Nike Hercules accelerometer and battery.

h7e.jpg (22296 bytes)

H7E rocket. Finite state machine electronics inside rocket, in front the R-DAS. The flatcable wire runs to the 3-axis gyroscope experiment in the nose of the rocket.

h8elecb.jpg (27708 bytes)

Electronics of the H8 rocket. The R-DAS is mounted on the circuit board for driving the canard fin stepper motors.