R-DAS Distributors

USA, Wildman Rocketry:
United Kingdom, The Rocket Store:
The Netherlands, Rebel Rocketry:


Richard Osborne has written a very extensive and informative FAQ:

R-DAS users

Other altimeter manufacturers use the R-DAS for their own product evaluation:
Very interesting R-DAS telemetry results by Jerry O'Sullivan and Bill Schworer:
Rob Nee's Palm interface for R-DAS:
Charles Simpson's page explaining how to run the R-DAS user interface on a Mac:
John Demar's R-DAS Flight Data page:
Ray Halm's R-DAS data page:
Richard Osborne's UK Rocket Command page:   This page shows R-DAS results, overview of pro's and con's and comparision with other altimeters
Eric's rocket page: Data-reduction of R-DAS data and more.
West Lanc. Rocketry Society:
John Koster's U-18 rocket: This page features R-DAS flight results.

R-DAS archives

R-DAS mailing list:

Data sheets

Acceleration transducer: Analog Devices ADXL150
Pressure transducer: Motorola MPXS4100
Microprocessor: Philips 80C552

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