Igniter board

This igniter output board adds two additional igniter output stages to the system. The output board has the same output stage characteristics as the R-DAS classic output stages (it even looks the same).

Features of the igniter expansion board:

2 additional output stages per board
A maximum of four igniter boards can be added to a single R-DAS unit, resulting in a total of 10 output stages (including R-DAS outputs)
Configurable current supply: from capacitor discharge, or separate battery
Configurable current: 1 A using current regulator (perfect for Davey Fire), or maximum current
High power FET output stages with very low internal "ON" resistance (<0.03 Ohm) for high current igniters
Continuity check with LED's
Output stage status LED's
Timing can be configured from within the R-DAS windows user interface
Automatic detection of igniter boards by R-DAS (plug & play)
Small board size: only 48 x 48 mm (1.89 x 1.89 inch)

The igniter expansion board is attached to the  R-DAS via the expansion port. A simple flatcable connects the units. The maximum flatcable length is 1 meter. This makes it possible to place the igniter expansion board where it is needed.

Possible use of the igniter expansion board:

Multi-stage rockets
Air starts
Smoke generators
Pyrotechnic air brakes
Back-up charges

The price of the igniter board is EUR 50, excluding V.A.T. (no V.A.T. for sales outside European Union).  This board comes with an expansion port cable. Use the buttons below to order online, or see see our order page for more information.