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This page contains the latest versions of the firmware for R-DAS and GPS V2.0, graphical user interface and manuals.

R-DAS Tiny specific files:

Important information for R-DAS Tiny users with hardware version V4.3.

User interface V4.2:, rel. 11/06/2008.
Firmware V4.3: rdasV43.upg, rel. 17/03/2008.
Instructions V1.1: tiny_addendum.pdf, rel. 06/11/2006.

To install the user interface follow the steps in the above instructions. Note that this GUI interface is needed only for users of the R-DAS Tiny and R-DAS telemetry receiver with USB port. Compact and classic users will not benefit from installing this version. Only Win2000/XP is supported at this moment. Win98 drivers will follow soon. 

Important !: After upgrading the firmware from V4.0 to V4.1 the calibration values stored in the non-volatile memory of the R-DAS should be re-programmed as follows:

  1. Connect the R-DAS to the PC with the USB cable.
  2. Start the GUI.
  3. Select Configure->Calibration values, defaults, store.

R-DAS Classic/Compact Firmware:

Use the R-DAS Windows interface to upload the latest version into your R-DAS.

rdasV37.hex: R-DAS Main program v3.7 rel. 01/05/2005.
Bug fix in timers

See archive for old firmware versions.

R-DAS GPS firmware:

Use the R-DAS Windows interface to upload the latest version into your R-DAS GPS. 

gpsV23.upg: GPS firmware V2.3 rel. 21/11/2006.
Problem with short downloads solved
gpsV22.upg: GPS firmware V2.2 rel. 20/08/2006.
Problem with negative velocities solved

Note that this firmware is only for V2.0 GPS hardware. V1.x GPS units are not field-upgradable.

R-DAS graphical user interface:

The latest version of the R-DAS user interface is V3.6. New features:

Export GPS data in .gpx format for use in e.g.  Google earth
OSD configuration
Simulate OSD functionality (playback)
Stop download at end-of-fight (detect empty flash sector)
Functionality for OSD/GPS firmware upgrade
Paste functionality in terminal window
Support for handheld PC-Pro

The latest version of the R-DAS user interface: R-DAS Graphical User Interface, V3.6, release 15/08/2006 (for Win95/98/NT/2000/XP, 879,373 bytes). Unzip in temporary directory and run "setup.exe" to install. Supported and tested operating systems: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. Also runs successfully on Linux using the win4lin package, Mac using Virtual PC package. R-DAS 32- and 64-bit USB driver for Win95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7 (instructions). R-DAS Graphical User Interface, V3.6, release 15/08/2006 (for WINCE handheld devices and palm with MIPS or SH3 processor and Pocket PC CE 3.0 palm size devices with ARM, MIPS or SH3 processor, 3,148,309 bytes). Install from PC with CE device attached.

rdasPalm.bmp (26678 bytes)Palm version at Here is a screenshot..... (note: not an AED development)

Please contact us if you need another WINCE user interface executable. (please mention system and WINCE version) WINCE versions have been tested on Nino 300 4Mb, Nino 300 8Mb, Velo 500, Ericsson MC12/MC16, HP 620LX, and Compaq iPaq 3630. Please let us know if you have another system on which you are running the R-DAS software.

R-DAS Plot: R-DAS advanced plotting utility, V0.9, release 10/09/2000 (for Win95/98/NT, 1,045,555 bytes). Package includes Gnuplot V3.7. Note: R-DAS Plot needs a 'c:\windows\temp' directory. If you don't have this directory, please create this directory before running the program.

R-DAS manuals:

The latest version of the R-DAS manuals:

manual.pdf: R-DAS manual V1.5 release 16/06/2001 (236,855 bytes).
rdasquick.pdf: Quick start guide, single page instructions to fly R-DAS for the first time (8,987 bytes).
GPS_V2_manual.txt: GPS V2.0 hardware user manual.