Download Archive

Archive of old R-DAS Firmware. Note: we recommend using the latest version at all times.

rdasV36.hex: R-DAS Main program v3.6 rel. 16/02/2005 (37,214 bytes).
Do not use! Use V3.7 instead
Support for 38 mm GPS
Improved acceleration calibration before lift-off
rdasV35.hex: R-DAS Main program v3.5 rel. 05/05/2004 (36,883 bytes).
Hybrid compatible launch detection
900MHz telemetry support
rdasV33.hex: R-DAS Main program v3.3 rel. 14/07/2002 (36,225 bytes).
Improved altitude beep out
Added 'i'-command to monitor status of all inputs
Faster download of flight data
rdasV32.hex: R-DAS Main program v3.2 rel. 21/03/2002 (35,440 bytes).
Improved apogee detection
rdasV31.hex: R-DAS Main program v3.1 rel. 11/03/2001 (35,440 bytes).
Telemetry functionality added
rdasV30.hex: R-DAS Main program v3.0 rel. 10/09/2000 (36,497 bytes).
GPS functionality added
rdasV24.hex: R-DAS Main program v2.4 rel. 07/11/1999 (33,899 bytes).
Improved pre-flight calibration of acceleration transducer
rdasV23.hex: R-DAS Main program v2.3 rel. 17/10/1999 (33,423 bytes).
R-DAS now beeps out maximum altitude after flight
Improved continuity checking: 1 buzz: drogue igniter problem, 2 buzzes: main igniter problem
rdasV22.hex: R-DAS Main program v2.2 rel. 08/08/1999 (31666 bytes)
Support for igniter expansion board. For more information, consult the R-DAS manual.
rdasV211.hex: R-DAS Main program v2.11 rel. 19/06/1999 (24696 bytes)
Fixed bug when using timed and smart recovery (main parachute deployment only checked the altimeter in this case, not the timer)
rdasV21.hex: R-DAS Main program v2.1 rel. 26/03/1999 (24100 bytes)