The 2-axis accelerometer board measures acceleration (in 2 directions) and ambient temperature. Together with the accelerometer of R-DAS, the acceleration can then be measured in all three axis.

Features of the accelerometer board:

2-axis accelerometer
Configurable range: +/- 50g, +/- 25g, +/- 10g and +/-5g (each axis can have a different scale)
Temperature measurement: -40 to 85 degC, resolution 0.22 degC (-40 to +185 degF, resolution 0.39 degF)
Small board size: only 48 x 48 mm (1.89 x 1.89 inch)

adxl250.jpg (143441 bytes)

2-axis accelerometer and thermometer expansion PCB. Left the 14-pins expansion connector, right the double headers for range selection. In the middle is the 2-axis transducer. The temperature transducer is on the back side of the PCB.

The price of the accelerometer board is EUR 85, excluding V.A.T. (no V.A.T. for sales outside European Union).  The unit comes complete with an expansion port cable. Use the buttons below to order online, or see see our order page for more information.