GDP - Missiles

This page contains some results for grains of real missiles:


Minuteman rocket motor

A cross-section of a cracked Minuteman rocket motor was published in the Aviation Week & Space Technology issue of August 24, 1998. The picture below shows a copy of that page.

s_awsp98.jpg (7195 bytes) (click on image to enlarge)

The image was scanned and imprted into GDP. Some results of the burn-back are shown in the following images. Note how easy it is to calculate the burn-back of the crack!

minut0.gif (1170 bytes)minut1.gif (1238 bytes)minut2.gif (1197 bytes)minut3.gif (1204 bytes)

Hellfire rocket motor

A simple picture of the Hellfire rocket motor was found on the web. The grain is a dog-bone grain. Inert slivers reduce the amount of propellant sliver mass.

hellfire.gif (8289 bytes)

This picture was used to calculate the burn-back of the Hellfire motor. The result is shown below. This is a good example of GDP's capability of handling charges which do not have a circular outside.

Hellfire.gif (10410 bytes) (click on image to enlarge)