Download GDP
UpThe following files are available for download.

Demo files:

These demos are fully functional. Note however that all output results are multiplied by a random factor varying between 0.1 and 10 !!

GDP Demo V3.03 with installer for Windows
GDP Demo V3.03 without installer

GDP Light:

Download the appropriate file below for the GDP Light V3.03 program. After sending in the order form we will send you a personal serial file to run GDP Light V3.03. For more instructions see the GDP order page.

GDP Light V3.03 with installer for Windows
GDP Light V3.03 without installer

Installation notes for GDP 3.03 Light

  1. Make a backup copy of your old GDP installation.
  2. Run the GDPL_WIN.EXE file (for installation under Windows) or GDPL_DOS (for installation under DOS, or DOS emulators).
  3. Manually copy the GDP.SER (your serial file) to the new installation directory.

You are now ready the use the new GDP V3.03.

Please note: The GDP internal file format has changed. The new GDP version can read all old files. It can also save to the old GDP format using the FILE -> EXPORT menu.