AED Electronics - Home Page

Welcome to the homepage of AED Electronics. AED specializes in embedded micro-controllers for data-acquisition and process control.

Company Profile

AED was founded in 1998 by Martijn van Balen and Jeroen Louwers. AED specializes in embedded micro-controllers and electronics for industrial process control and  scientific applications. Below is a list of our expertise and capabilities:

Design of modern digital and analog electronic circuits and devices

Micro-controllers: 8052, AVR, and others

Programmable devices: Altera, FPSLIC and others

Analog electronics: measurement amplifiers

Embedded software development (C, assembly, VHDL)

In-house assembly of PCB's

In-house machining capabilities for housings, signs etc. (CNC mills and lathes) 

Most projects are carried out at our customers requests, but we also have some own products available. Please take a look at the products or services if you want to know more.

Key words: versatile, competitive, and innovative.